Health Services

Tasha provides massage therapy sessions. Explore what she offers to clients for Pain Relief, Relaxation, and Detox.

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Educational Services

Tasha provides various educational, social leadership, and personal wellness training. Explore your opportunity to accomplish life goals.

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Lifestyle Services

life wellness is a balance of many things including nutrition, body care, spirit, and even community and ritual. Tasha compliments
any personal wellness program.

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Tasha elbow on Stacy final Edit


Wellness means a lot, but for the Nurture Wellness Center it starts with massage therapy.  Tasha has a broad and deep educational knowledge with her core focus on Nuero-muscular-therapy.  Her practice is exceptional and sought after by those that know what true results really means.


Canning for Health

I love canning, and this recent project turned out fantastic.  Northern Californian wild boar and a proper pressure cooker!  Shelf stable ready to eat ingredients are essential to convenient options that are still healthy.  I’ll be teaching a canning class this summer and you’ll get your own jar of what we make! stay tuned…